INDY MTNS coworking and business centre helps local small businesses and remote workers in the Blue Mountains find the perfect headspace to focus on their goals.

Our story

Our founder Emma Madison took the leap of faith to create INDY MTNS in 2019 after searching for a modern, feel good workspace across the mountains. We discovered that commercial real estate in the Blue Mountains is expensive and there is a lack of quality office space in the villages.

While many small businesses operate very successfully from home in the Blue Mountains, many others were experiencing social isolation and distractions. And as businesses grew the leap from a home operated business to one with its own commercial premises came with many risks and challenges. This places a limitation on the growth and success of small businesses in the Blue Mountains and we wanted to change that.

INDY MTNS coworking provides the antidote to social isolation and distractions, and a stepping stone between a home-based business and one that can afford a commercial lease.

Our name INDY MTNS comes from the independent spirit that’s needed to thrive in small business and represents  the people across the Blue Mountains who choose to go their own way in business. INDY is also a shout-out to Indy Hall in Philadelphia, one of the first coworking spaces I came across. And MTNS written in shorthand is a shout out to MTNS MADE, the Blue Mountains creative industries brand created by Blue Mountains Economic Enterprise (BMEE).

What we believe and do

Our vision is a creative, collaborative and vibrant community that nurtures and grows businesses for the Blue Mountains.

We believe in three core values:

Community – We value, support and celebrate each other. We create connections and nurture relationships. We are welcoming and inclusive.

Creativity – We believe that creativity creates jobs, drives economic growth and propels us forward. We value deep thought, collaboration and cross-disciplinary thinking.

Growth – We value personal growth, business growth and community growth. We learn to improve, adapt and expand our horizons.

Our mission is to grow and support the Blue Mountains’ community of entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. We do this by providing a space that is conducive to both focussed work and serendipitous interaction.

We create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. We host workshops to drive personal growth, business growth and community growth. We help create connections within our community and beyond. We celebrate our community and we measure our success by their success.


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