Covid-19 Safe Measures

We’ve taken steps to protect our community

Keeping our members, visitors and broader community safe is important to INDY MTNS. Here’s what we’re doing to protect our community.

Registered as a COVID Safe Business with NSW Government

INDY MTNS is a registered COVID Safe Business, has completed a Covid-19 Safety Plan and continues to receive and review updates from authorities as advice changes.

Covid-19 Safety Plan

INDY MTNS has completed a Covid-19 Safety Plan appropriate to office spaces. The plan is kept on premises and can be made available on request.

This includes:

  • Contactless member and guest contact tracing
  • Making available sanitisers and disinfectant wipes
  • Asking people who are unwell to stay at home (this is also one of our House Rules)
  • Regular cleaning of common areas including the hotdesking space and meeting rooms
  • Social distancing and hand washing posters and reminders

Redesign of hotdesk space

We’ve also reconfigured the hotdesk space so that there are 4 workstations that are spaced further apart than the previous 6 workstations. This involves increase space between both the opposite and adjacent people.

Limiting the number of people

We’re limiting the number of people as follows:

  • Maximum number of people in the space – 15 people
  • dedicated desk area – 5 people
  • hotdesk area – 4 people
  • Bee Farm meeting room – 5 people
  • Fairy Dell meeting room – 3 people

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Covid-19 safe measures

The safety of our community is very important to us. We've made changes to how we operate to keep our members and guests safe.