Why choose coworking?

Coworking is a smart choice, here’s why.

Joining a coworking space is a smart choice for lots of reasons.

Firstly, flexible membership options make coworking an affordable choice for your business now and for however it may evolve into the future. This is just one of the economic benefits of coworking.

And of course, coworking spaces are designed for focussed work and productivity. Members often remark on how much they achieve without the distractions of home.

The benefits of coworking aren’t just economy and efficiency, they are social and personal too. Coworking spaces as communities are the antidote to the social isolation that can come from running a small business and working in the gig economy.

Joining a coworking space may be exactly what you need for your business, but also for your social well-being. And there are even more benefits of coworking.

What are the benefits of coworking?

People cowork for different reasons and value coworking because they derive a range of different benefits.

Social – many people cowork to enjoy social interaction with others to minimise isolation and liven up their day with spontaneous conversation and connection

Economic – others cowork to save money by avoiding long-term commercial leases, and overheads for outgoings, electricity, water and rates – coworking provides economic certainty to their business and subscription-based membership plans are flexible and cancelled easily if circumstances change

Work-life balance – some people cowork to create separation between their work life and homelife to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and a disciplined approach to managing their growing or demanding business

Commercial – others cowork to take advantage of the business environment to form and nurture connections for their business without the awkwardness that many feel at formal networking functions – this helps their business grow in an organic way

Convenience – some people cowork to avoid travel and many large businesses pay for their employees to work remotely from coworking spaces – this ensures their employees have a suitable working environment and the remote worker spends less time and energy commuting


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